Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mathematics N1 and Engineering Science N2

Henceforth, we will only upload the solutions of a particular question paper to our website, at the conclusion of the review. In other words, once we finish reviewing the engineering science n1 april 2012 question paper, we will upload a full memo to our website. And that will be the norm for all question papers we review.

This is necessary to streamline and speed up reviews, as we want to progress to higher levels as well.

Furthermore, once we have concluded the mathematics n1 (april 2006) and engineering science n1 (april 2012) question papers currently under review, we will proceed with mathematics n2 and engineering science n2 question papers, in order to serve a wider scope of our blog visitors.

We appreciate your visits to our site, and will always strive to improve our services. Thank you for the suggestions we receive regularly via email (see the contact form on our website).

keep well

ps I have promised to upload an engineering science n2 question paper. It will be on the website shortly.

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